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Muhammad Afzal Imam
Cost Accounting
Internal Control
Variance Analysis

>> Working & development co-ordination in Softwares and ERP environment, with Policies, Procedures and Operating Manual development (+4 years)
>> Product Pricing, Budgeting, Forecasting and Cost Controlling (+6 years)
>> Financial Modeling (+8 years)
>> Internal control reviews of organizational functions (+7 years)
>> Accounts Preparation, Consolidation and audit co-ordination (+10 years)
>> Financial Planning and Funds management(+4 years)
>> Job settings, Team development & management (+7 years)
>> Handling of General Admin and Insurance matters (+4 years)

Specialties: Financial Modeling, Budgeting, Pricing, Account, Preparation/Review, Consolidation, Policies Appraisal & Development, Job Planning, Internal Control Reviews, Financial Managements

CMA SAP Functional (FICO) certified