We expect to reduce recruitment conflict, hazard, challenges, and negative impact to protect your businesses with well-design candidates’ background screening solutions to analyze capability at workplace. The best talent acquisition outcomes discover true candidates’ personal history, professional qualifications, supervision capability to ensure corporate security by our HR Provision Services.

AIMA Management Consultant HR Provision & management services exploit cost-effective and exclusive systematic tools to manage executive candidates appoints. We help to manage your hiring process for best practices of talent acquisition with HR fundamentals tools such as job evaluation, personal skill testing, job performance and descriptions management with efficient process.

Human Resource Management Services

Human Resource Management (HRM) is the integrated use by an organization of systems, policies and management practices to recruit; develop and retain employees who will help the organization meet its goals.
HRM plays an important role in assuring employee satisfaction, improving performance and productivity. This can further an organization’s competitive advantage, and directly contribute to the organization’s success.
We provide our clients with customized human resource, and training solutions through project based arrangements or complete outsourcing of the human resource function.

Head Hunting & Recruitment Services

People are not your most important asset, the right people are. “Get the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats.” No matter what kind of business you are in, having the right people determines success or failure.

Recruitment is aexpensive process and getting it wrong can have a serious impact not only on operational efficiency, but also on morale within an organization. We find the best solution for our clients by acquiring a thorough understanding of their needs and taking a fresh look at how, when and whom to recruit.

We implements comprehensive techniques to manage the recruitment with induction of IQ/EQ tests and assessments to hunt swashbuckling, charismatic, innovative and energetic exceptional talent for our valuable Clients.

HR Management Policies & Analysis

Human resource management policies & analysis are vital for organizations that are serious about resolving personnel issues and finding HR solutions. CGS provides clients with professional human resource advice, human resource policy solutions, analysis and evaluation services.
Our products and services are intended to help you maximize the effectiveness of your Human Resources function. These products and services incorporate our years of experience so that you receive rapid results and superior value.

As HR specialists, we understand the role of HR. Therefore, our goal is to provide clients with:

Pre-written HR policies that ensure you have consistent, well-written & legal policies and procedures.

Job Description, Job Analysis & Design, Compensation & Benefits Analysis, Training Need Analysis, Performance evaluations & reviews.

Professional & accurate Policies, Employees Hand Books and all HR Functional Services for those organizations with no time to undertake such tasks.

Professional & affordable HR Advice Services for those organizations needing help with specific HR-related issues

Individuals and organizations who are serious about human resources understand the bottom-line importance of job evaluation, job descriptions, Performance Management, Training & Development, Compensation & Benefit analysis and effective policies

HR Training & Development Services

AIMA  offers different training and development programs. Mentoring, coaching, on the job & off the job training and open programs on a wide range of subjects from leadership, communication & presentation skills, to personal & organizational effectiveness and performance.