Pakistan Taxation Training

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Pakistan taxation including E-Filing of both sale tax and income tax

Income tax Includes


Sale Tax Includes


Section-149 Income from Salary

Section-155 Income from Property

Section-153 Payment of goods, service and contract

Section-147 Advance income tax

Section-148 Import

Section-231A Advance tax on cash with drawl

Section-231AA and 236P Advance tax on certain banking transection

Section-231B Advance tax at the time of registration of private motor vehicle

Section-235A Tax collection from domestic electric bills

Section-236 Tax collection from telephone users

Section-236B Advance tax on purchase of domestic air ticket

Section-236D advance tax on function and gathering

Section-236F Advance tax on cable operator and other electronic media

Section-236G Advance tax on sale to distributor, dealer and wholesalers

Section-236H Advance tax on sale to retailers

Section-236I Advance tax by educational institutions

Section-236U Advance tax on insurance premium

Section-236X Advance tax on Tobacco

Section-236Y Advance tax on remittance abroad through credit, debit or prepaid cards

Fine and penalties

Section-177 Audit

Treatment of provision for bad and doubtful debts


What is sale tax or indirect tax and concept of VAT

Difference between Input and Output tax

Further tax and extra tax

Calculation of Sale tax

Advance sale tax

Withholding Sale tax

Debit and credit notes

Admissible credit

Annexure A, B, C, F,H, J and I with practical example

Supply and purchase register

Stock or consumption sheet

Concept of Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA) and Sindh Revenue Authority (SRB)


Monthly sale tax return

Withholding Statement

Reconciliation of sale tax return

Reconciliation of wealth

Annual income tax return of Salary Individual

Annual income tax return of Company

Annual income tax return of Business Individual / Retailer or Trader

Annual income tax return of AOP




All above section will be cover with practical example and online filing.

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