How to become a tax filer 2020

How to become a tax filer 2020


“how-to-become-a-tax-filer-2020” If you have any earning local or international or have submitted return of last year or you want to save tax you need to become a tax filer by submitting return or simply you can get help from Tax Consultant or Tax Lawyer.

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of tax filer

It is compulsory to submit a return by law. If you have earning in the current year or have submitted the return of last year, you need submit return . There are many waiver of tax penalties and other text savings available to a filer. If you are not a tax filer than you should to submit a return by law and also deposit fees of 1000

Otherwise, at least penalty of RS 50,000 will impose on you.  And note the taxes are twice when you purchase any asset ( e.g. cars and house )or receive profit from the bank etc.

  • How to become a tax filer 2020

You can become a tax filer by submitting a return electronically together with depositing RS 1000 as tax penalty to become a filer.

First you get your NTN or Registration No. Create user id and password. Maintain your profile and prepare and submit your return.

Advantage To Hire a Tax Consultant in Karachi

Keep in mind you need plan your return and draft it professionally. So you hire a tax consultant or tax lawyer who can assist you.

You can also get help from tax consultants/professionals. And again this is highly recommended because these are very complicated practically and theoretically.

  • Planning

When it comes to tax, you have to plan to avoid otherwise the cost would be much higher. So in order to plan you need to contact tax gurus, and consultants.

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