How to register Call Center in Pakistan

How to register Call Center in Pakistan

How to register Call Center in Pakistan

A Call Center business,Its inbound, outbound or a BPO Business process outsourcing.  So as per law you need to register your call center in Pakistan, what is the procedure to register call center in Pakistan?

Importance of Call Center Registration?

Call Center business is exempt from Income Tax in Pakistan. Why? Because it is under the services business and provides foreign exchange remittance. Even if you are not provided service international customers/companies, you need to register your call center.

As per the Pakistan law, all call centers need to be registered. This is mandatory and call centers is going to close due to non-registering.
All call centers provide service so Call Centers having data that is very sensitive and important.
Mostly agencies need to know about all activity details.
Call center business is not possible to start without getting registered in PSEB. If you are BPO, other companies
never contract without the registration numbers. If you want inbound campaigns
vendor needs your registration number.
Call Center Registration process in Pakistan step by step:


PSEB is Pakistan Software Exchange Board executes the Call center registration and the following are
the documents required to register:

  1. Business / Company NTN.
  2. Passport copy of Directors / Shareholders / Partners (for foreign nationals only).
  3. Attested copy of MOA (Memorandum and Articles of Association), If SECP registered
    companies only).
  4. Attested copy of Form 29 (If SECP registered companies only).
  5. Attested copy of the Incorporation certificate (If SECP registered companies only).
  6. Attested copy of Partnership deed (If Partnership based firms).
  7. Attested copy of Firm registration certificate (If
    registered firms)
  8. 8. Business Bank Statement last six months.
    Business Bank Account Letter/Certificate (In case of new account)

PSEB takes some days for the verification process and after the verification process;
you will receive a certification and registration ID.

Step 2:

you can apply to PTCL for a local number on behave of registration ID.
Important: Your PSEB ID allows you to get the UAN ( Universal Access Number), local or international routing number from PTCL. Call centers need routing numbers. And without PSEB you will not be able to get the number. Further, if you are running an international call center as well, your number needs to go through a Voice Over IP network.
For this you need to be registered. Registration is a must for companies
running international outbound campaigns from Pakistan.
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