Accounting, Inventory, Invoicing & Production Software Purchase, Sales (with Sales Tax), Inventory, Production & General Ledger Modules. User Rights Management, Data Back-Up & Runs on Network.

Accounting, Inventory, Invoicing and Production Management System

Suitable for Traders, Service Providers, Wholesalers, Retailers, Distributors & Small Manufacturing Concerns



  • User logins and rights.
  • Unlimited period license and no annual renewal charges.
  • Multi company.
  • Adaptable with currencies and taxes system of any country.
  • Company logo and general company information to be modifiable with the user.
  • Unlimited financial years.
  • Option of opening different companies on the same computer.
  • Back-up and data safety system.


More Features:

  • Export to Excel, PDF, Text & HTML
  • 4 levels of chart of accounts.
  • 3 levels of chart of inventory.
  • Jobs management.
  • Manages different inventory location such as warehouses or shops.

Purchase Module:

  • Purchase orders.
  • Inwards gate passes.
  • Purchases Tax or Non Tax
  • Purchase Return

Sales Module:

  • Quotations.
  • Sale orders.
  • Delivery challans.
  • Outwards gate passes.
  • Sales tax / VAT invoices.
  • Simple invoices.
  • Barcode scanning and printing.
  • Product serials, tracking & warranty claims.
  • Discount columns in invoices, percent-wise or on amount.
  • Cash and bank receipts.
  • Cash and bank payments.
  • Inventory adjustments.
  • Inventory location transfers.
  • Automatically generated vouchers of all types.
  • Different formats of sale invoices.
  • Inventory re-order levels.


  • Daily affairs report.
  • Daily general journal report.
  • Purchase orders tracking.
  • Sale orders tracking.
  • Inventory purchase and sale analysis reports.
  • Purchase reports.
  • Sale reports.
  • Sales tax / VAT registers.
  • Items costs / prices statistics.
  • Item-wise profits.
  • Inventory ledgers.
  • Inventory balances.
  • Receivables’ aging report.
  • Payables’ aging report.
  • Cashbook.
  • Banks Ledgers.
  • Accounts’ Ledgers.

P&L Statement:

  • Trial balance.
  • Income Statement / Profit & Loss Account for Different Periods.
  • Balance Sheet at Different Dates.